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  • Valor Capital Venture Capital Fund Management Ltd. is a member of the Cashline Group,being is active in venture capital and private equity investments for 15 years. The company's management and staff are well qualified capital market experts having long domestic, regional and international market experience in various industries. Valor Capital therefore has no industry focus strictly speaking, although there is an emphasis on IT, biotechnology and green energy projects (primarily due to the large upside potential). The duration of the funds is 10 years, but there is no optimal investment time horizon. There is no pre-defined expected return, the expected return on each investment is determined mainly by the risk of the specific project. Valor Capital focuses mainly on innovative and early-stage investments, although financing projects in traditional industries is also possible. Valor Capital Venture Capital Fund Management Ltd. is authorized by the Hungarian National Bank (Permission No. H-EN-III-10 / 2013).
  • Valor Capital has been selected as a fund manager for the New Széchenyi Plan Venture Capital Programme (JEREMIE) in 2013 and 2014. Two venture capital funds were set up in 2014 and 2015 in the total value of HUF 8 Billion, at least 16 investments are planned by the end of 2015. The maximum investment size is about HUF 800 Million, and there is no minimum investment size. 70% of the fund is financed by the state-owned MV-Magyar Vállalkozásfinanszírozási Zrt, 30% of the funds come from Hungarian private investors.